Giridhari Explosives Pvt. Ltd.

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Cladding Combinations

  • Strong & Ductile Bonds
  • No Carbon Diffusion
  • No significant change in Chemical & Physical properties

  • Extensive in – Service Performance.

  • Multilayer can be produced
  • Superior Heat Conductivity.
Applications : Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers & other Process Equipments. Used in Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemical Industries, Power Plants, Pollution Control, Marine Corrosion resistant Applications, Electro Metallurgical Industries, Ship Building, Defense, Atomic Energy Space, Railways, Navy & Telecommunication Industries etc.

Third party approval : EIL, LRIS, BVIS, TATA PROJECTS, DNV, TUV.

  • Can bond many dissimilar, normally unweldable metals.
  • Minimum fixturing/jigs.
  • Simplicity of the process.
  • Extremely large surfaces can be bonded.
  • Wide range of thicknesses can be explosively clad together.
  • No effect on parent properties.
  • Small quantity of explosive used.