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Explosion Bonding

Heat Treatment : In order to remove stress particles from Explosion Bonded Clad Plates, Stress- Relieving Cycle will be carried in LDO fired Bogie Hearth Furnace as per the requirement of the material.
    Furnace Capacity : 9Mtr. Length X 5.7Mtr. Width X 3.5Mtr. Height.

Photograph: Ldo Fired

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metal Cladding/welding
this is a Solid State Joining Process. When An Explosive is Detonated On the Surface of a Metal, a High Pressure Pulse is Generated. this Pulse Propels the Metal At a Very High Rate of Speed. if this Piece of Metal Collides At An Angle with Another Piece of Metal, Welding Occur. for Welding to Occur, a Jetting

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  • Strong & Ductile Bonds

  • No Carbon Diffusion

  • No significant change in Chemical & Physical properties

  • Extensive in – Service Performance.
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